Saturday, 2 December 2017


In her mind, she had never been a good human. She accepted her flaws. She was astonishingly aware of them. There were not many things she liked about herself. But one thing that helped her distinguish herself from others was her sense of dedication towards the people she cared most for. And ultimately that was her biggest flaw. She was so dedicated to make things right, make things work. If someone hurt her, it wasn’t because she was naïve. She could see people for who they truly were but still chose to believe the best in them.

She never gave up. Never. There was a long list of people who had given up on her. But for her, giving up was never an option. Her self-respect had been diminished, her trust broken but she had always given endless chances to people. When she hurt people, she made sure to right her wrongs. And when people left she always blamed herself. She always remembered everyone she had ever loved, ever called a friend with the utmost respect.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Let me guess:

You have a serious problem with believing that someone could actually love you beneath your fun-loving, happy-go-lucky surface. You have no problem attracting people towards you, but you have trouble keeping them because you don’t know how to be serious (even just every once in a while) and how to be vulnerable enough to truly let someone in.

am I answering your question, already?